Ultimate Impact

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Starts February 8

New Release

Dignity & Worth - The Life Matrix - Transformational Workshop

Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

Three Days that Changed the World - Transformational Workshop

Live in Resurrection Power!

New Release

How To Stop The Pain - Transformational Workshop

Starts November 4

New Release

How To Stop The Pain - Book

Discover the emotional freedom everyone wants but few experience.

Knowing and Feeling the Love of God - Life Transformation Workshop

Starts November 4

New Release

Real Life Heart Physics: The Nine Virtues Meditation

If you are one with God, you are one with His character and virtue

New Release

The Truth About Job

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

New Release

Creating Divine Connections

How to have deep emotional connections with God and people.

New Release

Faith: The Missing Pieces

Previously undiscovered pieces of the faith puzzle.

The Stress Antidote

Biblically-based strategies to overcome stress and live in peace.

On Earth as in Heaven

Opening the Door to the Riches of Heaven