On Earth as in Heaven

The Stress Antidote

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The Stress Antidote

Biblically-based strategies to overcome stress and live in peace!

There is only one cure for stress: the peace of God

In this series, you will discover God’s process for living in peace. You will acquire tools that will lead you from stress to peace. There are accompanying Heart Physics® meditations which will give you additional exercises to take you even deeper into this path of peace.

  • Stress is the true silent killer! According to some studies, 95% of all illnesses are stress-related.
  • Major illnesses that lead to death tend to occur after prolonged stress.
  • Stress is a significant factor in spontaneous acts of violence: road rage, .explosive outbursts, spousal, and child abuse.
  • The continual rise in drug and alcohol, as well as prescription medication addiction, is related to an attempt to manage stress.
  • Possibly the number one reason godly, sincere people do not hear the voice of God in their heart is because of stress.

The peace of God is more than a subjective feeling of tranquility; it is a tranquility that comes as a result of experiencing God’s divine power to meet every need in your life. In fact, the peace of God is closely related to the idea of experiencing Heaven on earth! When we enter into that place of safety and provision in God stress melts away as if we are living in Heaven now!

The Bible describes the way of peace as a path we can walk that makes us immune to the stress of the world. It gives us a confident assurance that manifests as God’s strength. Peace is God’s only remedy for stress.

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In this Series

Bibically-based strategies to overcome stress

Discover God’s process for living in peace


Course Messages


  • Welcome - The Stress Antidote
  • 01 - Stress a Death Sentence
  • 02 - The Stress Antidote
  • 03 - The Way of Peace
  • 04 - Jesus Our Peace Offering
  • 05 - Sacrificing Your Liver
  • 06 - Peace the Fruit of Righteousness
  • 07 - Peace the Referee
  • 08 - Set You Eyes on the Prize

About Your Instructor

Dr. Jim Richards

Dr. Jim Richards

Dr. Jim combines spirituality, energy medicine, scientific concepts, and human intuition into a philosophical approach that aligns spirit, soul, and body, resulting in incredible health, emotional, financial, and spiritual breakthroughs.

He holds four advanced degrees in Theology, Alternative Medicine, Human Behavior, and World Evangelism. This training, plus nearly a half-century of personal ministry, counseling, pastoring, coaching, teaching, consulting, and motivational speaking gives him the ability to communicate very complicated issues in the most practical, easy to understand manner. 

Dr. Jim is also an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses ranging from contracting to real estate to marketing. As a national best-selling author, Dr. Jim Richards has written several books that have sold several million copies around the world.


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